Debbie Springer has 37 years of experience in corporate and field land management. She founded Audubon Energy in 2012 and specializes in coordinating exploration programs, supervising land work, and managing fee lands. Her areas of expertise have included the Gulf Coast, West Coast, and Williston Basin during affiliations with Texaco, Pueblo Oil & Gas, TransCanada Pipelines, Dome Petroleum, A. St. Martin Company, or Mandalay Oil & Gas.

During Ms. Springer’s 10-year presidency of Mandalay, her exploration team raised $56 million in drilling funds, resulting in several onshore Louisiana discoveries. Ms. Springer holds a B.S. degree in business communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and is a Certified Professional Landman (CPL). Present and past professional affiliations include board of directors, Gulf Coast & Shale Expo; board of directors and secretary, Petroleum Club of Lafayette; Louisiana Oil & Gas Association; American Association of Professional Landmen; executive committee, Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen; Houston Association of Professional Landmen; Bakersfield Association of Petroleum Landmen; and board of directors, Denver Association of Professional Landmen.


Jim Enloe began his landman career in 1989 after earning a B.S. degree in political science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  He is highly proficient in all aspects of petroleum land management research, document preparation and negotiation with a specialty in pipeline and right of way projects. Specifically, Mr. Enloe has worked on various pipeline projects in Mississippi and Louisiana, including assistance in route selection, surface title determination, survey permission and acquisition of private, State and Parish rights of way.


Mr. Enloe was the Senior Right of Way Agent charged with the responsibility of overall right of way acquisition on a Co2 loop pipeline project in Rankin, Simpson and Copiah Counties in Mississippi. Major responsibilities included management of field agents, maintenance of landowner line lists, survey plat interface with engineering, collaboration with construction personnel, and preparation and acquisition of right of way agreements and governmental permits. Mr. Enloe also achieved a high level of success in amicable resolution of agricultural damage and integrity of landowner relations. He is a member of the Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen.


Chris McGuirt joined Audubon Energy after his involvement in one of the largest seismic projects conducted in North America. The six-year project covered 400,000 acres in Texas encompassing dry land, wetlands, wildlife refuges and bay waters. Mr. McGuirt held a management position among a team of greater than 70 landmen and was company liaison to clients, landowners and local governmental agencies alike. Daily activities included status reports, GIS updates and survey coordination of both drillsite locations and access routes. He specializes in permit, lease and rights of way acquisitions together with all aspects of surface and mineral title determination.


Mr. McGuirt has eight years of experience and holds a B.S. degree in business management from College of the Ozarksis and is a Certified Professional Landman (CPL). He is an active member of the American Association of Professional Landmen, Houston Association of Professional Landmen and Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen. He is also a certified member of the American Right of Way Associates.


John Li has worked with Audubon since earning a B.S. degree in professional land and resource management from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2013. He has engaged in title research and curative work, lease and right-of-way acquisition, project and technology management, contract negotiations and preparation, and drill site coordination.


Mr. Li holds a Registered Professional Landman certification from the American Association of Professional Landmen and is a member of the Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen and Houston Association of Professional Landmen. He served with the U. S. Armed Forces Special Force Group in Iraq during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn and received several achievements for his service.  He maintains an active U.S. Government Secret Security Clearance.  He is fluent in English and Chinese.    


Ron C. Hammock received a Juris Doctorate from Loyola University School of Law in 1981 and was admitted to the practice of law by the Louisiana Supreme Court that same year.

Mr. Hammock served as Law Clerk for the Honorable Wallace C. LeBrun, Twenty-Fourth Judicial District Court for the Parish of Jefferson. After leaving his Judiciary appointment, Mr. Hammock practiced civil law with concentrations in oil and gas, title opinions, acquisitions, insurance defense, family law, successions and probate.  


For the past decade Mr. Hammock increased his concentration in the oil and gas industry, most notably in the upstream and midstream arenas. Mr. Hammock is highly proficient in all aspects of title, acquisition, due diligence, damages and curative. He has performed these services as a representative of major oil and gas exploration companies throughout the country with projects in Louisiana, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Illinois and Mississippi.


Mr. Hammock is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association, Lafayette Bar Association, Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen and Denver Association of Professional Landmen, and a past member of the Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel and American Bar Association.

Len Springer has served as an independent land and mineral consultant for more than 10 years. He holds a Ph.D. in higher education from Penn State, an M.Ed. in higher education from Vanderbilt, and a B.A. in economics from Indiana. Dr. Springer remains involved in higher education as an adjunct instructor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His clients include corporate landowners and oil and gas exploration companies and his services include researching surface and mineral title, reporting on acreage available to lease, abstracting, leasing, acquiring surface agreements and rights of way, managing geographic information systems (GIS), and creating maps of wells, surface and mineral ownership, and active and expired leases.


John Enloe is a senior executive specializing in development, design, permitting, government relations, construction and commercial operations for a number of domestic and international world class organizations.  Mr. Enloe has held officer positions in companies such as Tenneco Oil, British Gas, Duke Energy and Maxus Corp. (formerly Diamond Shamrock).  His 37 years of experience include projects in exploration and production, electrical power generation, natural gas processing and distribution, LNG operations, extreme environmental matters, specialty gas production and international pipeline projects.  His pipeline experience most notably includes the 2,000 km Bolivia to Brazil pipeline and the 1,000 km Argentina to Chile pipeline projects.


Mr. Enloe is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and holds an MBA from Tulane University.  In addition, he has been a board member of the following boards:


Chairman of Board, YPF Holdings (holding company for Tierra Solutions and Maxus Energy Corp.)                     

Chairman of Board, Campeche Gas Compression Services (provided Pemex gas treatment and compression services in Bay of Campeche, Mexico)

Chairman of Board, Maxus Energy Corporation (company engaged in deep Gulf of Mexico exploration and production activity)

Chairman, BTB (joint venture company that developed the Bolivia to Brazil natural gas pipeline)

Chairman, DEI Crisis Management Committee              

Chairman, 2008 United Way Campaign Duke

Board Member, Compania de Nitrogeno de Cantarell (world’s largest nitrogen generation facility)

Board Member, Ibn Sina (SABIC holding in Saudi Arabia, produced methanol and MTBE)

Board Member, TransGas (company that developed Argentina to Chile natural gas pipeline)

Board Member, Institute of International Education

Board Member, Houston World Affairs Council

Board Member, Central Doc Sud (company owning 850 MW power plant in Argentina)

Board Member, MetroGas (company engaged in natural gas distribution in Argentina) 

Vice President, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators

DEI Environmental Health and Safety Committee

Duke Corp. Environmental Committee                           

Duke Corp. Brand Strategy Committee                           

Duke Corp. Security Committee                                       

Duke Corp. A&G Study Committee                  

Served as a mentor in Duke Mentoring Program